- AJAX-based Microsite: Preparation

AJAX-based Microsite: Preparation


(This exercise was originally generated in the Windows environment, and later appended using Mac OS X.)

As jsFiddle does not allow us to link multiple pages together via AJAX, we will need to approach this project via traditional methods. As AJAX also requires a separate hosting server, let us use the temporary server that I have set up exclusively for OCADU exercises.

First of all, download a FTP client that allows us to connect to the temporary server. While there are many choices, I would recommend Cyberduck -- as it offers seamless integration between the text editor and itself. Visit and download / install the client.

Next, we will need access to a text editor that allows us to quickly create and edit code files. Dreamweaver is sufficient for this exercise, but those who do not have access to Adobe Creative Cloud can download a superb minimalist text editor called Sublime Text. Visit and install the application.

Once both applications have been installed. We need to make a linkage between Cyberduck and Sublime Text, so that Cyberduck automatically uploads any changes made via Sublime Text. Go to "Preferences" under "Edit" menu (Cyberduck -> Preferences on Mac OS), and select "Editor" tab.

Using the dropdown, locate the Sublime application file and enable checkbox that says "Always use this application." Close the Preferences window after.

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