- Event Tracking (Advanced)

Event Tracking (Advanced)

Tracking Individual Clicks

While Google Analytics may be actively monitoring the website, it also provides us a flexible option of tracking individual events that occur in the website. For instance:

Using custom code, we can track all the clicks made to the email link, even if that link does not redirect to any web page. Refer to the following documentation:

Note that this jumps into the realm of Javascript, and that you are not expected to fully learn this concept. What we can take away is the following snippet:

The above code sends a customized signal to Google Analytics, and this can be implemented this way:

Placing a version of the above snippet under the "onclick" attribute simply allows us to broadcast a tracking event for Google Analytics to store. This can be accessed in "Events" under "Behavior":

All done: we now have the capacity to build larger, more complex websites complete with user traffic monitoring.

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