- Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Enabling Google Analytics

Visit to activate access to Google Analytics. If you are logging in for the very first time, you will be greeted with the following image:

Upon entering the signup form, feel free to include as much information as possible. Note that the "Website URL" does not have to a real URL, and that you can always come back to modify this value:

Copy the provided code, and ensure that each web page contains the snippet in the <head> section:

The website should be now fully tracked by Google Analytics. You can verify this by visiting the website on multiple (different) browsers your local machine, and checking the "Real-Time" tab:

If you can verify that the number rises above 0, we can confirm that Google Analytics is indeed active. Not working? This may be due to delay in Google's server, and you may safely continue on if you can confirm that the code is placed correctly.

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